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At Excellence Asia, we offer a comprehensive range of corporate training services to help organizations achieve their full potential. Our services are designed to empower your team with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in today's competitive business environment.

Strategic &

Building a Shared Vision: Using LEGO® bricks to collaboratively construct a visual representation of the team or organization's vision.
Dynamic Goal Setting: Creating 3D models to represent goals and facilitating discussions on aligning strategic objectives.


Building Change Models: Using LEGO® bricks to represent the current state, desired future state, and steps in the change process.
Storyboarding Change: Creating LEGO® narratives to communicate change initiatives and their impact.

Leadership Development

Leadership Metaphors: Encouraging leaders to build LEGO® models that represent their leadership style and philosophy.
Team Building Challenges: Using LEGO® activities to highlight leadership qualities such as communication, adaptability, and decision-making.


Customer Journey Mapping: Creating LEGO® representations of customer experiences to identify service improvement opportunities.
Building Service Solutions: Using LEGO® models to brainstorm and prototype innovative service enhancements.

Team Building & Collaboration

Building team member 3D personal identities: Reflecting through Johari Windows
Constructing Effective Teams: Building LEGO® models to symbolize team dynamics and strengths.


Sculpting Creativity: Utilizing LEGO® bricks for hands-on creative expression and exploration.
Storytelling through Models: Translating imaginative ideas into narrative structures using LEGO® creations.

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